Cody B. (codeman38) wrote,
Cody B.

The Obligatory Presents Post

In case you're wondering what I ended up with for Christmas:

  • From my parents:
    • A 32" flat-screen HDTV. Niiice. And yes, it does have an SVGA port to plug in my MacBook, as well as two HDMI ports.
    • Wii Fit. Yes, they actually managed to find a copy. (And wow, I'm a good bit out of shape...looks like I needed this even more than I thought!)
    • A rechargeable battery pack to go into the Wii Balance Board.
    • A new electric razor, to replace the one that often scratched my face up.
    • Some new pajamas, to replace the horribly torn-up ones that I had.
  • From my sister:
    • Sonic Unleashed for Wii. (Insert "five golden rings" reference here...)

In return, I gave my dad an FM transmitter for his iPod and a copy of Jeffery Deaver's latest book; my mom, I got a replacement for her broken pedometer, and Dad and I together split the cost of a Roomba. For my sister and brother-in-law, I got a digital photo frame. (I wish I could afford to give something the cost of an HDTV, but I'm a graduate student...)

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