Cody B. (codeman38) wrote,
Cody B.

Scammy Facebook Ad Fail

I was just checking up on Facebook, and this ad turned up on the margin:

[Facebook ad showing a newscaster with poorly pasted-in hands holding money, with the caption: 'I got fired. But thanks to Google I ended up making more money than my old boss.']

The first thing I noticed was the badly Photoshopped hands. (MY HANDS R PASTEDE ON YAY?)

But then I looked closer. I'm not very good at recognizing faces, but having watched SNL's Weekend Update quite a bit, I thought that the set in the background looked awfully familiar. And then I realized, hey, that does resemble Seth Meyers...

Google Image Search, and yep. That is, in fact, Seth Meyers. The un-Photoshopped original frame from Weekend Update even shows up in the search results.

And yet, that wasn't the best one. No, this one was even better:

[Facebook ad showing Dan Rather holding the same badly-pasted money]

Alas, I kept reloading the page, but couldn't get that ad to come up with the "fired" text from the Seth Meyers ad. Now that would have been priceless. Perhaps they didn't run it with that text because it would've been too close to the truth...

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