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Why good test cases are important

I was cashing in some savings bonds earlier today at a bank which shall remain unnamed, and noticed a rather serious oversight in the design of the form they used for this task.

The form was one of those where they give you a limited number of character spaces to write things; I assume it's because their database was originally designed with certain arbitrary field lengths.

There was an 11-character limit on the 'city' field.

I have family in Warner Robins, GA; Milledgeville, GA; and Jacksonville, FL.

Oh, and should I mention this is a large bank that formerly had headquarters in San Francisco?
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Stupid scammer search-and-replace tricks

The latest phishing attempt sent to my UGA account has the following as one of the lines that's supposed to be filled out:

"Country or TerUGAory : .. ......."

Why do I have the feeling this scam was originally intended for students at the Rochester Institute of Technology?
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Epic phisher phail

I just got what may be the most inept phishing e-mail I've ever seen. And I'm going to quote it below just to show how absolutely mind-bogglingly bad it is.

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Four capital letters printed in gold

I just discovered the music video for Justice's song "DVNO", and it's... a typographical feast, which I recommend to anyone who's a typography geek.

But what's particularly great is that pretty much everything in the video was inspired by TV and movie studio logos of the past. And as an Aspie who used to obsess over these sorts of TV-logo bumpers... this is fun trying to guess the inspirations. :)

Here's what I've got so far...

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Adventures in Bad CAPTCHA Design

I was just trying to register for a forum today, and came across a CAPTCHA that looked like this (this isn't the one that I actually failed, but it was generated soon thereafter):


Seems pretty easy, right?

Only one problem: it's case-sensitive. That is, uppercase and lowercase matter.

"X" and "x" look virtually alike, except for size. "O" and "o" do as well. Same with "S" and "s". And when the characters are distorted in size to begin with... good luck.

Let's see... that's five characters that are ambiguous in this particular CAPTCHA... which makes 25 = 32 different possibilities for how this CAPTCHA should be entered.

Oh, no, wait... that third character could also be a zero. That means there are not 32, but 24 * 3 = 48 different possibilities.

Did nobody actually test this before rolling it out?
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The (belated) annual gift exchange post

Christmas has passed, and my traditional blog entry on the family's gift exchanges still hasn't been posted. That's because we've all been preoccupied with said gifts.

For those who aren't really interested in personal stuff like this, feel free to skip this entry. :)

As a graduate student, I didn't exactly have a lot to give, but I had a good idea of something everyone wanted:

  • For mom, my dad and I both chipped in to get a webcam, so she can video chat with me and other family members long-distance.
  • For dad, I got a $25 iTunes card, because I knew there were quite a few songs he was wanting to download.
  • For my older sister, I got one of those digital photo keychains.

My sister got me a second Wiimote so that whenever I've got people visiting (my niece and nephew, for instance... or my girlfriend...*hugs*) we can play two-player games.

Despite the fact that I really had no idea what I wanted for Christmas this year, other than one little thing, my parents still managed to give me quite a bit that will be of use for the rest of grad school (and some stuff for play too):

So, despite the fact that I had no idea how my own gifts to the family would be received (they all were well liked) and despite the fact that I really had no idea what I myself wanted, it turned out pretty well.

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Well, at least I'll have *soft* clothes...

Gah. I just realized that, in an utterly spaced-out moment, I accidentally bought fabric softener rather than laundry detergent at the grocery store last week. (For what it's worth, the packages for Publix's generic brands of fabric softener and detergent, both of which are available in unscented form, looked almost identical... so it's an easy mistake to make.)

And I have clothes that need to be washed before Monday. -_-;;

The Save-a-Lot grocery store, the only one that's on the Sunday bus route, only sells the heavily scented stuff. Not good for someone with allergies and sensitive skin. So that's out.

Maybe they've got unscented detergent at one of the convenience stores around campus; I'll have to check... I could've sworn I saw it at one of the stores on Baxter Street. 'Course, I'll also have to pay a somewhat higher price, but it's still cheaper than having to call a cab...

I guess if I were feeling really adventurous, I could walk all the way down to Kroger on Baxter, but I haven't been feeling too good lately and don't want to put myself under more stress than necessary...

It's times like this that I really wish I had more friends who could drive. ::sigh::

Edited November 18 to add: They had one bottle of unscented detergent left at the campus bookstore. Yay. Minor crisis averted.
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My Mac has changed its spots (or, Alphonse has a new kitty)

So yay. I've picked up a copy of Mac OS X Leopard from the UGA bookstore and installed on my PowerBook tonight.

Observations so far:

  • Archive and Install worked much better than I expected. All my stuff, even all the applications I've installed, is still there; the only thing that was really affected was what I've compiled into the Unix directories (/usr/bin, etc.).
  • Surprisingly, despite what Apple says, Photo Booth will run on a G4 with an external camera. The frame rate is atrocious, but it runs.
  • Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator CS2 all launch, though I've encountered a few random unexpected crashes after launching. Not sure if this is because of incompatibility, preferences getting zapped during the Leopard install, or both; I'll have to investigate later.
  • Spaces. Seriously, why hasn't OS X had virtual desktops until now? VirtueDesktops was OK, but felt a bit kludgy; this seems to work far more... Apple-like. I particularly like how you can manipulate windows on the 'overhead' view and drag them among desktops.
  • Safari 3.0 final seems to load much quicker than the beta version. And it doesn't take ages to display my bookmarks menu (one of the other big annoyances I had with the beta).
    • On that note, a Java chat that I sometimes visit seems to run more snappily as well. Not sure if that's because of Safari, Java, or a combination of both.
  • How am I only now getting to checking e-mail? Oh, wow, you can sync notes and To Do lists with an IMAP server. This could be very useful for a scatterbrain like me.

I'll probably be posting more here as I discover more about Leopard. I still haven't installed Xcode yet; right now, I'm trying to move the archived Tiger install to an external drive before I even think of installing anything else, but it's going very slowly (and with good reason, since it's 10 gigs or so).

I also need to clear up enough space on my external drive to try out Time Machine... automatic backups, whee! Yet another thing that will be incredibly useful in the long run once I've got it set up...

Edited to add: Ooh, it's always the little things that really make a difference. Y'know how on the newer Mac laptops you can right-click by holding down two fingers on the trackpad? That wasn't possible on PowerBooks and iBooks in Tiger...but it is in Leopard.

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